A new EPYC 7443P

Just bought and installed the new AMD EPYC on my Board and its 2x as fast as my previous processor the 7351P. For the processor to run you need to update the Bios of the Board. One bad thing is, that the Board supports only GEN2 and Gen3 EPYCs after the update and not my old one. So in case of a defect of the processor i have to downgrade the BIOS. Currently I’m struggeling a bit to update the BMC of the Board as well. The main reason for that update is, that the FAN controls are managed by the BMC and not by the BIOS. And currently i have no fan control.

Update (30.08.2021): Managed to install BMC Version 1.11 which has Fan-Control. So I’m fine with it although there is currently a version 1.19 available which cannot be installed (stops at the verification step).