New Board (Again)

Here is quick preview of my new Board an AsrockRack ROMED8-2T. I’ve moved again because i needed more resources to host VMs and got a good offer for an Epyc Processor. The board is one of the few that can support PCIe 4 x16 on all ATX slots (7). On the board currently is an AMD EPYC 7351P and 4x Kingston Server Premium Ram. My impression so far: It requires no extraordinary cooling for its components. I’m using a Noctua NH-U14S TR4-SP3 for the CPU and a block of 2 standard 140mm chassis coolers which are located on the rights side of the board. Those are in addition to the 5 coolers already existing on the chassis. The board itself does not require additional cooling, however my SAS and NW-Card do. Without the extra fans the cards reach temperatures of 70°.

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