Final stage of my Server

After installing the new Epyc 7443P, my server is now fully build. I’ve startet with a first gen Epyc and this is now the inventory with the main parts:

  • Chassis is a Nanoxia Deep Silence 6 Rev B (i can really recommend it)
  • Asrockrack ROMED8-2T Mainboard
  • AMD Epyc 7443P
  • 8x Kingston Server Premier 32GB DDR4-3200 CL22 (KSM32RD4/32MEI)
  • 2x ASUS Hyper M.2 x16 Gen 4 (with each 4x 1TB 970 Evo Plus NVMe) total of 8TB NVMe in a 4 Column Storage Spaces mirror configuration
  • (6+1)x Seagate Exxos X16 & (12 +1) x Samsung 860 Evo in a tiered storage 3 column mirror configuration. Each tier has a hot spare.
  • Microsemi Adaptec HBA 1100-16i and Broadcom HBA 9405W-16i as Storage controllers
  • SSD Enclose from ICY Dock (ICY DOCK ToughArmor MB998IP-B, ICY DOCK ToughArmor MB516SP-B)
  • Total of 10x 14cm Arctic ARCTIC F14 PWM PST CO Fan, but don’t worry i have many fans but the noise level is really low.
  • 1x Intel X550-T2 from the Mainboard and 1x Intel X710-T2L as an expansion card for network connectivity.

Later maybe i will add an a4000 from Nvidia to the last available PCIe Slot. Who knows maybe VGPU will make it to the prosumer market in the future.

In my opinion this is a balanced build and a good example for a hyperconverged server. The Server has the Hyper-V as well as the Storage role. I’m pretty much set for the next 3-5 Years.

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