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Getting started with machine learning using TensorFlow

In the last few years i heard a lot about machine learning, deep learning and machine learning. Since i was already planning to do a little bit more of python programming i want to start using it with Keras / TensorFlow to replay some of the beginner examples. I will run the examples on VMs on my new Server.

Why machine learning ?

Its simple: Its a future technology and currently a lot of companies are beginning to use it.

Why starting with TensorFlow ?

I read an article about a free “self-study guide for aspiring machine learning practitioners“. After doing the crash course and with a little bit of additional work it should be possible to aquire a certification.

What is TensorFlow / Keras ?

Tensorflow is an open-source machine learning library from Google and Keras is an abstraction layer / wrapper for Tensorflow and other similar libraries. Tensorflow allows the design of dataflow graphs where your input moves through a series of mathematical operations. Keras provides functionalities for neuronal networks.

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