Adding another Drive to my Server (strange behavior…)

Could not add drive to pool when it shows as mounted in SAS-Controller.

Today i received a new Drive for my Hyper-converged Server. It is another Seagate Exos X16. I also added another SSD for the caching. Unfortunately this time the HDD-drive did not show up in the Primordial pool and it was not possible to add it to my Storage Pool. When running the Get-PhysicalDisk command the drive also did not show up. However it shows up under the disk section in the Server Manager and i could create a new Volume with it.

I’ve tried a few things like resetting the disk, take it offline format it with GPT etc. with no improvement.

The reason for that could be that the SAS-Controller has a different config for this channel (don’t know why). The difference is, that for this drive, it shows Partitioned = yes and Mounted = true. The picture shows the state when everything is fine.

When connecting the drive to another channel, everything works as expected and i could add the drive to my Pool. This is a little bit strange and i will try to get the reason for that. Also i could not find any configuration options for this.

Once the drive is added to the pool, you can trigger the job to distribute the files evenly between the drives (this takes a full day to complete). The command is:

Get-StoragePool -FriendlyName MyPool | Optimize-StoragePool

After the job has finished you can increase the size of the tiers and then of the volume.